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Mary and I have called on Alpha-1 to clean our rugs for years. Each time, we are amazed at how clean they get our rugs and carpets, even getting rid of spots from red wine. I have referred them to many, many friends, all of whom have thanked me. Here are six great reasons to call John and Sue at Alpha-1:
  1. They use a superior product that really works, doesn’t smell, and is “green”.
  2. They arrive on time.
  3. They start working when they come in the door and only stop when they are finished.
  4. They are pleasant and polite to have in your home, almost like family.
  5. They clean up after themselves and put your furniture back in the right places.
  6. Incredibly reasonable prices. They do a better job than anyone else, and leave you feeling like you’ve gotten great value for your money.
-- Kent and Mary L.
I can't recall when we started using Alpha-1 - they have been cleaning our carpets and upholstery for as long as I can remember. My mom insists that we were their first customers. As long as we have used them, I have never had an issue. I trust John and Richard in my home while I am away. I know that they will do a good job & I am always amazed at how reasonable they are. I am happy to say that I own 5 dogs but you'd never know it and that is because of Alpha-1!

Sue - I can't say enough of this lady. She is very responsive to my needs and so easy to work with. The Alpha-1 team is amazing. Salt of the earth people - fair prices - exceptional work.

-- Kate E.
I have been using Alpha-1 for many years, and our home has wall-to-wall carpeting. The carpeting looks and feels like new! THANKS TO ALPHA-1!

Their service and care have been the best ever - they offer not only quality workmanship, but concern, suggestions and interest in their service. I would highly recommend them to any family, friend, or anyone who cares about their home!

-- Louise B.
We have been using the resources of Alpha-1 Systems for many years. They have always been on time, polite, efficient, and thorough. Our carpets look great without being soaked. We would not use any other carpet service, and we would recommend them without reservation.
-- Jaye and John B.
I have used Alpha-1 since 1982, and I am extremely pleased with their work and work ethic. They are honest and reliable. Before finding Alpha-1, I had used other companies but the quality of work with Alpha-1 far exceeds the competition.
-- Dolores K.
These fellas are great! They cleaned my carpets for 13 years before my Golden Retriever died. Their team is so dependable. Eventually, a new carpet was purchased. Oprah's magazine published hospital research about fewer and less serious broken bones when falls occur in carpeted rooms. After two years or so, Alpha-1 did an absolutely beautiful job removing all my spots, even one I had made with white ceiling repair product - and then forgot for a long time. What a group of great people!
-- Linda P.
Just a Note.... Thanks again for a wonderful job. You are great!
-- Linda L. from Mars Hill, NC
The carpets look great! I can't believe you got them that clean. They were such a mess!
-- Debbie S.
Great job, John, it looks great, like new. Thanks a million
-- Gay Currie Fox, Real Estate Broker

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